All Eyes Are Focused on Finding Ice

Our challenges have mounted this year but we did not give up. Small groups found small ice and had big fun over the past few days. But We all know how this story goes the fun stops when the white stuff falls from the skies. Temperatures are moderate and there is some melt going on so maybe just maybe some venues will make a brief sailable appearance.

Whether hope springs eternal or just plain Spring Hope we will be on the ice again. Thanks, Eben for helping me tailor a coined phrase for our own purpose.

With that in mind, there are definite possibilities in the heart of mid-coast Maine as well as points further east. At the more southerly end of our range, Lake Mahopac in NY is being looked at and there is some promise there. There are im sure other potential venues but the weather is a little tricky and heightened caution is needed. If you are keeping an eye on anyting please share in a comment here or in the comments section.

Weekend condition updates will be coming in tonight and tomorrow. Load up your gear and be ready do roll…

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Think ICE and be safe,


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