Pretty Much a Snow Hold – Weekend Feb 20-21

The weather has dealt us a bad hand once again. Most of the region got some snow. This is on top of some already snowed in lakes as well as some on top of newly sailable bodies.

At the current moment we do not have reliable reports of any sailable ice. Please use extreme caution when checking out surfaces that are covered in snow. “Here is always thin ice someplace” and if its under snow you increase your chances. Just use your head and be safe.

There may be a possibility in Maine. Bill Buchholz reported on Tunk Lake in Maine. For those so inclined, he should have info on later today.

Anyone for some short tacks on the Alton Bay Ice Runway (Lake Winnipesaukee). The runway opened for the season last week and is reported to be 18+ inches thick. With a good thaw and refrozen surface we could be on Winni again.

Skip to 2:15 for the ice.

If anything turns up over the weekend we will report back. Maybe just maybe something will happen.

Think Ice, Sail Fast and Be Save,


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