This Weekend So Far

Kit Tucker sends in fleet from Monomonac earlier in the week

Good Morning all. As most of you know a bit of snow has fallen over some of the lakes that people had been sailing on got a little snow and a little warm snap. While this wasn’t dumping, those near those lakes feel it is prudent to give them a check before venturing back out. In NH Monomonac, Sunapee and Wentworth. We know of no known ice in MA, including all our usual go-to places. In CT there has been steady progress at Bantam and reports are expected later today.

That leaves us with Maine, where there have been good reports coming from our friends at the Chickawaukie Ice Boat Club (CIBC) aka for the latest in that area.

Look for further updates later today

Think Ice & Sail Fast,


P.S. If you know of anything or just need info please leave a message in our Forum section

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