Mid Week Ice Flu?

Have as case of the Mid Week Ice Flu? Luckily there are a number of cures out there.

People will be sailing on Lake Wentworth in Wolfeboro, NH. Launch out of Allen Albee Beach tomorrow Wednesday.


There is also chatter about sailing on Monomonoc in Rindge NH today and they may be out tomorrow. Check out the forum listed at the top of the homepage for updates from individuals. Things are looking good in a number of spots for the weekend and the rest of the week.

A wide range of venues can be had in Maine check out iceboat.me for details.

Can’t sail during the week save the weekend there is surely more to come.

Think Ice and Sail Fast

John Stanton
NEIYA, Commodore

While we are all anxious to get out and sail, especially as our season begins, While Covid-19 is still amongst us, we MUST all practice Enhanced Personal Responsibility. Basically, take the personal responsibility that we iceboaters already practice and turn it up a few notches.

Before you go:

  • Be aware of and adhere to all local, state, or federal regulations.
  • If you have any symptoms get tested and be negative before you go. If in doubt, stay at home!.
  • Practice Social Distancing – Easy gauge, the length of a DN plank is eight(8) feet.
  • Keep congregating and socializing in the pits and parking areas to a minimum.
  • Wear your mask or face covering while setting up, transporting gear to and from your car or trailer, and while setting up.
  • The NEIYA will NOT be holding any official after ice activities so plan accordingly.
  • Let’s all be safe and keep the safety of others in mind in everything we do.

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