Ice Boats Powering Search Engine Bing

I generally take sides but do favor Google search engine and on occasion duckduckgo but I’m leaning towards Bing at least for today.

Check out Bing today for your next search. Thanks to Jeffery one of our observant Facebook Fans.

Our region is cooling down rapidly and we have eyes on sailing prospects in just about every New England State. Stay tuned for a series of official reports from our Secretary Karen later today and tomorrow.

Think Ice, Sail Fast & Stay safe,

John Stanton
Commodore, NEIYA

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    I was up on Great Sacandaga Lake in northern NY (on foot due to little or no wind) this past Sunday. I’m not sure if you have other folks scouting it but it wasn’t too bad. Some parts had a small amount of crusty snow but other sections had quite big sections of clean ice. I talked to several ice fishermen and they reported 4-6 inches of ice but warned there were a few spots near streams or springs that they were avoiding. If you have a contact in the neighborhood I suggest they go to the Public Boat launch in the town of Day on North Shore Road. Some good sections of clear ice near there, plenty of parking and easy access to the lake. If we get a windy day I plan to take my old DN up for a cruise with a friend or two.
    Lake info:

    John Fisher US 5653

    (I finally coughed up the $ to get my own number. The sail still says 1811)

    01/12/2021 at 1:44 pm