A Glimpse Into the World of Ice Boating – YouTube

Check this out gang, it features a bunch of our NEIYA gang and some great footage of good old Quaboag Pond.

Happy Viewing!


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  1. Charlie silfvenius

    Great job you guys! ( and gals). Haven’t made it to Quabog yet, usually ice nearer, but the group fun has to be worth it. 2” of snow in the Lakes region. Squelched the little ice we had. But Winni is still wide open waiting for the big freeze. Spreading the word up here with a couple newbies met on Mirror lake while skating. Not much wind but the was one DN catching the puffs. Hearing of a few starter boats available to whet their appetites. Happy New Year to everyone and hopefully ice boaters will be a priority for the vaccine. Most of us are over 65 right.

    01/03/2021 at 9:20 am