Deep Creek MD Showing Signs….

Hello All- In case anyone was wondering what the Deep Creek gang is up to…. Take a look!

DCL Ice Report #4

2020 – 2021 Ice Sailing Season


Yes! We have beautiful clear black ice this morning on the mountain top! See pictures

Positive LRT this morning! Ok, ok! I know the BRT (Big Rock Test) was negative today, but hopefully the cold temperatures will build the ice plate. See pictures. Sunrise at DCL this morning, Positive LRT, Negative BRT, and the IceMan patiently waiting in James Hillyer’s finished sidecar, strapped to Mark Haraway’s newest ride… waiting, waiting and more waiting.

The IceMan will be at the lake for the New Years weekend so stop by and get those last few items ready for sailing on the ice. Remember the conditions are tricky so when all the snow balls align we need to motivate and get out there and sail and enjoy each other’s company in the clean, cold fresh air. Together, we will sail on the ice, because it’s twice as nice!

Keep those weekends open for the next two months so we all can get out to enjoy the ice! Now we REALLY. REALLY, REALLY have to start wishing hard for hard water!

Now, please! Repeat after me…. “Ice, Smooth, Black, Beautiful Ice, Let’s Go…with Ice, Wind, and No to Snow…” Hey! Who out there isn’t chanting… let’s get with the program folks… grab your socks, break the locks, pull out the gear and head on over here!!!!!

Think Ice!

*LRT = Little Rock Test **BRT = Big Rock Test… stand by you’ll see….


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  1. Jeff Smith

    Is there a contact person info for Deep Creek? Where to launch? My name is Jeff Smith and I am a manager for NSIBYC GROUPS. IO, The new email group for the North Shrewsbury Ice Boat & Yacht Club, which replaces the NSIBYC Yahoo group.
    If you would like to join, please email .

    12/28/2020 at 9:20 am