Off-Ice Meet Up Stamford, CT

This past Saturday was a welcome dose of normal for this time of year for a group of NEIYA members. No, we were not able to hit the ice anywhere in New England but we did get a group of people safely together to talk about iceboating. Getting ready for the season and talking over those plans with like-minded friends.

We had a good mix of seasoned, newer, and newbie iceboaters at Landfall Navigation in Stamford CT. There were questions asked and solutions drawn out from the 100+ years of experience at the gathering. A local rigger from Ocean Rigging stopped by Landfall and was able to help out someone make up a setup stays.

The only problem we could not solve was provide a nice place of fresh Black Ice. That will come as it always does. Sometimes a little earlier sometimes a little later.

In the meantime be sure your buddies are ready to sail. Drop them an email, give them a call, or invite them over to Talk & Tune as the ice coming soon. Need help or looking to lend a hand check the member directory for contact info. NOTE if your dues year is marked with anything but 2021 and is RED.

The Member Directory is here it is password protected. if there is trouble just let me know. It will be sent out this morning via email. Note, there are additional older list below the current list. Please thank our Club Secretary Karen Binder in the pits or between races for keeping track of all the details! Rumor has it that she will be posting another segment in her Drive for Excellence blog series. Watch out for it here.

This year we may not be traveling as far but there will be ice and we need to find, scout, and sail it. In other words get ready for hyper local and or extended day trips.

Think Ice and Be Safe,

John Stanton
NEIYA, Commodore

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