Thinking Ice on Thanksgiving

Turkeys out checking ice for us. Sailable?

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Hoping everyone is safe and enjoying some level of the usual traditions. Things are not the same but I am thankful we can preserve some level of normalcy. We have already gone virtual for a few events and there are discussions about more as well as safe, sensible, responsible, and compliant ice time. We are in a fluid situation so stand by. Keep Saturday, December 12 in mind. Details to follow.

Big events are just not going to happen this year but with miles of ice coming to bogs, frog ponds, small lakes, and big ice we will sail.

Hope everyone enjoyed the Iron Duck Movie featuring a couple of our own Vermont Iceboaters Bob Dill and Schumacher. Through their endless determination, they earned a place in sailing history. Special thanks to the director of Iron Duck Ben Dolenc for bringing the Iron Duck Story to all of us last week and to screens of all sizes. While the NEIYA sponsored watch party has come and gone you can still see the film here If you love sailing on ice, dirt, and going fast it’s a must-see.

Make and keep a promise to call an iceboat friend this long weekend. Talk about the great times you have had, what you need to get on the ice again and how and when blades will meet the ice again. Be thankful for the ice time we have had together and for the ice time yet to come.

Think Ice and be safe,

John Stanton
Commodore, NEIYA

P.S. Check out the Pocket Skeeter that just went up on our Classified Section. Available from one of our premier boat builders Bill Buchholz.

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