Checkered Flag All the Way

The Finish of our 2020 Season. Winners abound. Welcome 2021

In the past couple of months, we had doubts about whether we could have our annual event. Well, we pulled it off in a Covid safe way. Thanks to everyone that adhered to Covid guidelines. From the Swap through lunch and our Annual Meeting things moved smoothly.

The Thompson Speedway was a fitting venue for a group of speed enthusiasts and a good collection of competitive individuals. The theme of the day like most everything we do was “Go Fast”. Fast cars and fast boats. This place was made just for us.

It was nice to chat with some new boaters and also to speak with others who are returning from a long time away. It reminds me of how much information we have gathered over our time on the ice and how valuable it is to others who are trying to get some blades on the ice. A common feature among members of the NEIYA is that we enjoy passing on any advice we have.

Boats changed hands and went home with new owners. We welcomed a couple of new iceboaters into the fold this time around and wish them well in their first season. We as a club have committed to helping them get up to speed in this and future seasons.

Big boats and small boats. There was something for everyone and more than enough equipment to fulfill many dreams. DN sailors looking at bigger boats and everyone trying to figure out how they can take home a BlowKart for the warmer and the time leading up to first ice.

Following lunch, we had our Annual Meeting where we closed out the 2020 season with a checkered flag and welcomed the new season waving a green flag. Full meeting minutes will be published soon.

Highlights include The recognition of the intrepid who ventured all the way to Montana for the DN Gold Cup and NAs. The epic ice many of us sailed on at Winnipesaukee over a couple of weeks. We ran all of our key races this past season and ended up with a lot of cruising ice time as well. On the new race front, Bill Buchholtz took first place in the inaugural Presidents Day Cup. We look forward to Bill defending his throne next year. Speaking of thrones. As most of you know James “T” Thieler returned from Montana as the New North American DN Champion. Way to go T!

Vice Commodore Jay Whitehair a First Responder in Norwich VT specializing in ice rescue, gave a safety and rescue demonstration and I know every one of us learned something from Jay. We are very lucky to have a seasoned pro standing by to help us learn to be safer. To quote Jay First thing one does in an emergency is “Call 911” and begin rescue and first-aid. One of the recurring themes in Jay’s lectures is putting together a personal safety kit.

To help members build their own kits, Mylar Space Blankets were distributed to all attending members in good standing. The blanket giveaway was made possible through a bulk at cost purchase through Landfall Navigation. If you couldn’t be at the event yours will be coming in the mail. Nudge Nudge, pay your dues!

2021 Membership$30

Thanks to all that that helped make this event possible. I may not have been able to talk to everyone but I know that our Secretary Karen Binder did. Thanks, Karen for working the crowd and collecting member information from everyone. Our membership role is our most important and pretty much only asset. I feel very confident in entrusting it to your care. Everyone, please remember to update Karen if your contact info changes during the season.

Thanks to Bob Haag for keeping our number balanced and in order and providing insights on where we are from a financial perspective. Bob was wandering about the Swap and im sure many of you had the opportunity to speak with him about building and boat maintenance. If you did not there will be other opportunities in the future.

T what can I say but thanks for your tireless dedication to our sport and the time you devote to helping others compete and go fast. Thanks for shepherding NEIYA racing last year and congratulations on getting the races in. We are all looking forward to your carrying on as Race Committee Chairman this coming season.

Special thanks to Henry Capotosto for suggesting the Thompson Speedway and working behind the scenes to make this happen. Henry has held many positions in the NEIYA leadership team over the years and currently sits on the Governing Committee. Next time you see Henry on or off the ice please thank him for his tireless behind-the-scenes efforts. Without Henry and other volunteers, the NEIYA would not exist.

And of course thanks to everyone who attended and those that wanted to but were logistically challenged. During these times it is important to ground ourselves with familiarity and to us that is iceboating. I am glad we were able to put together an event that people felt comfortable enough to attend. Outdoors is safer and we will see people out in the elements this winter.

We are all looking forward to a safe and fast sailing season. I know the people in Maine are keeping a watchful eye on Plymouth Pond. This could happen before Thanksgiving so drag your boat and gear out of storage this weekend.

Think Ice and Sail Safe,

John Stanton
NEIYA, Commodore

P.S. We are moving ahead with lining up the right people for our race and race tune conference call. Stay tuned for more details.

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    Good work John. Much appreciated by all. Steve M.


    11/01/2020 at 7:54 am