Little Things Matter?

DN Bob Stay Courtesy of NorthWind Iceboats

Little things matter. How many times have you set out onto the ice and sometime during the day remembered that you forgot to put your bobstay in? I will admit to doing this more than a few, including an entire day of races which included a long trip over and back through crappy ice. Did my boat break in half? No, but I consider myself lucky. I have since stored the bobstay with the rest of my stays so that I don’t forget. I know some people who have physically attached it to the boat with a wire tether. And I’m sure that there are any number of tricks others are using to help them remember. How do you remember your bobstay? Share in the comment section below.

Now for the shameless membership pitch… Like the bobstay, you might not immediately know and remember that your 2021 membership dues are and even go a full season without paying up. Will an individual or a few nonpaying members break the back of the NEIYA? Probably not, but you will want us to be there when you are ready to join in for a race, cruise, or scheduled event.

So pay up. Do it NOW so you do not forget. There are links right below. Please note you are not required to use PayPal as your payment method click the appropriate button below, click continue then click “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” and use the card of your choice.

Don’t forget to pay for tomorrow’s lunch if you plan on attending we are doing a final headcount shortly and don’t want to turn anyone away.

Description Price  
2021 Membership $30
2021 Membership and Lunch $45
2021 Membership for one & Lunch x2 $60
Lunch Only $15
Mail in Form


All members in good standing will receive an ice safety-related door prize at the swap meet. Can’t make it? We will mail it to you.

Annual Swap Meet, Lunch, and Meeting. Saturday, October, 24th 10:00AM. Thompson, CT. 205 E Thompson Rd, Thompson, CT 06277. Use the Golf Club entrance. Map Link We have a big parking lot for boats and other stuff and plenty of space. there could be a couple landsailors too. Pay your dues and lunch with buttons on the right.

I am looking forward to catching up with everyone tomorrow and kicking off the 2021 season. It’s been a rough year and while we know things are anything but normal, it will be nice to have some consistency.

Think Ice and see you on Saturday,

John Stanton
Commodore, NEIYA

P.S. Don’t forget your masks. We will be abiding by local regulations and just plain common sense.
P.P.S. Any questions or comments? Drop me an email.

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