What’s in Your Iceboat Bag?

Last Thursday we successfully held our second NEIYA conference call in the fall pre-ice series. The “Newbie” call was well attended with a good group of the new, newer, and never set foot on the ice as well as a good assortment of grizzled and experienced sailors.
Enthusiasm was high as we talked about how we got into iceboating, what to wear what kind of boats make sense for people, and a general safety discussion.

Open questions from the call for NEIYA members and iceboaters at large. What’s in your bag? What kind of spiked shoes or strap ons do you use? If you were to buy new spikes what would you purchase? What kind of helmet do you wear and would you buy it again? What kind of ice pics or claws would you recommend? Let’s hear from you in the comments section below. Help answer for anyone that is getting started.

Next call topic, Getting Race-Ready. Time will be announced after our annual event. The third all Getting Anything with Blades Ready for the Ice will follow about a week after and Building and Repair shortly after. Have a topic you are interested in or passionate about chime in.

Annual Swap Meet, Lunch, and Meeting. Saturday, October, 24th 10:00AM. Thompson, CT. 205 E Thompson Rd, Thompson, CT 06277. Use the Golf Club entrance. Map Link We have a big parking lot for boats and other stuff and plenty of space. there could be a couple landsailors too. Pay your dues and lunch with buttons on the right.

So everyone what’s in your bag? Share your thoughts in the comments section or bring them this Saturday. Bring your spares to sell. Bring spikes, helmets, blades, masts, boats, or whatever.

Think Ice and see you on Saturday,

John Stanton
Commodore, NEIYA

P.S. Any questions or comments? Drop me an email.

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