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North Sails Ice Sailing Collection – Are you or friends in the video? #icesailingcollection

We have all seen iceboats used to sell everything from liquor, cigarettes, and cars, clothing, etc. My own DN5023 and her sister last know to be in NJ were used by Oldsmobile as props at a series of international car shows. The latest, a natural from the sailmaker that has collected a lot of DN silver, to use the iceboating tie is North Sails for their Ice Sailing Collection of clothing. Check out what they have to offer, besides sails. There are also shout outs to Chad and Oliver https://webstore.northsails.com/us/en/fw20-ice-sailing.html #icesailingcollection

See how many NEIYA members or DN friends and competitors you can find in the video and post your comments below.

Once you find yourself or friends please renew your membership for the season and reserve your lunch at the Thompson Speedway Golf Course for our annual event on the 24th. We need to firm up the headcount per covid rules. Do it now, so you don’t forget.

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Think Ice, Sail Fast, and be Safe,

John Stanton
Commodore, NEIYA

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