(Limited) Volunteer Ramp Clean-up at Quaboag Pond – Sat 10/10

NEIYA is having a low profile boat ramp clean up this Saturday (10/10) at Quaboag pond. Two commercial divers will be under the surface between the hours of 11am – 1pm grabbing garbage off the bottom in the area of, and surrounding the boat ramp. If there are a few members close by who would like to assist that would be helpful. Shore side tasks involve draining trash, sorting and loading etc, as well as walking the waters edge and parking lot area to pick up any other debris. The ramp and parking lot will remain open and we will be working in the periphery of all local traffic. If you come to help please bring a workers reflective vest, gloves, proper Covid face covering, and if you plan to be within 10’ of the water you must wear a life jacket. NEIYA or ice boat clothing and identifiers are of course the fashion of the day. Trash bags and one pickup truck will be supplied. We will be observing proper social distancing. 3-5 helpers is all we need so if you can commit please contact me and we will limit at 5.

If you have a favorite popular sailing site that may need a little NEIYA support and you would like to give back to that community for all the good times had, contact me to get it on a future ramp clean up date!

Vice Commodore Jay Whitehair
text or call: 802.291.0989

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