Saturday Oct 24th – Fall (Socially Distant) Gathering ON!

Eric Aho: Ice Cuts (1932), 2010 Oil on linen / The ice, competitors, friends, and your boats are calling. Heed the call!


Current members, past members, fellow iceboaters, those with any interest in iceboating, and those dealing with a loved one affliced with ice fever all are welcome to this years NEIYA Fall Gathering on Saturday October 24th.

I do not have to remind everyone that things are different this year and understand that some people legitimatly may not want to attend a traditional gathering. These concerns have weighed heavy on myself and the managment commitee but everyone of us want to make it happen. And so it shall be.

Things will be different this year as we navigate state the and local regulations and even more important our own comfort levels.

We will be holding a short Zoom meeting next Thursday evening to discuss the venue and the upcoming season. All are welcome. Please email me for details.

If you have any thoughts or concerns please reach out to me directly.

Think Ice,


Commodore, NEIYA

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