Landsailing Event On The Way-

The gang from LI wants us all to know about this- if you need an excuse to hit the road this could be it! Read on….


It’s less than a month away.
There’s still time to make a land yacht and get your rig ready.

Bill Buchholz has done an EXCELLENT JOB! setting up this event.
Thank you, thank you, Bill.

This is a great venue and there is even a discounted lodging on-site .
This sure beats going out to Ivanpah Lake CA, just south of Las Vegas
which has got to be an expense$$$ trip.

This could turn out to be a great annual event.
The president of Blokart from New Zealand expressed a great interest
in coming, but his country has restricted any travel.
He claims that Loring Air Force base is the largest air strip venue in
the WORLD at which a land sailing event will take place.
Once the word gets out about the venue, you’ll probably wind up on
a waiting list just to get out there and enjoy the main 2.78 mi runway

that is 314 ft wide. Oh, BTW, there is more than one runway.

There is a reason why the Air Force placed a base in
this location, and it’s called FAVORABLE WIND!.

Join us and you could be part of this inaugural event.
There is a land sailing class for everyone.

All will be included no matter what craft you bring.
Even if you do not have a land yacht come anyway.

Check out the Maine Covid-19 travel restrictions.

Exempt effective June 12, 2020:

– New Hampshire

– Vermont
Exempt effective July 3, 2020:
– Connecticut
– New Jersey
– New York

Check out this website with all the developing and latest news.

One response

  1. John Fisher

    During my stay in France I sailed Char a Voile numerous times and am thinking about adapting my DN for land sailing. Hard packed sand is a different surface than asphalt runway. Any wheel and tire suggestions before I start working on a conversion?

    08/14/2020 at 8:05 pm