Rescue Boat

John Pepper writes in with a good idea…. Plenty of food for thought! Feel free to weight in…..

“Here is another concept for the site.

I am needing to upgrade my trailering capacity for a DN and Whizz. I could use a long Jon boat as a lid. At 16 inches deep, it would only need a shallow box below it to cover the boats. It could be hinged from front or side or both. It would likely need a longer box for the Whizz’s spring board. Not sure of mast storage yet.

In case someone needed a flat bottom boat to pull a stuck craft out of the water, pull a few pins, and it is ready to go.

Has anyone attempted this before? If so, any tips? At 150 pounds, its not a light lid, but counter weights or a winch set up from a pop up camper may offset.


One response

  1. John Pepper

    If anyone knows of a Jon boat for sale, let me know. A 1436 would be ideal.

    Maybe we can make multiple trailers?

    03/23/2020 at 12:37 pm