Three cheers to New England’s youngest hard-water sailors of 2019-2020!

Every year brings change to all of us in the ice boating world. For me, I noticed that some of my happiest moments out on the ice this season came when I spotted new sailors. One thing that I noticed right off was that each and every one of them were smiling ear to ear. I well recall my first experiences on the ice under sail, lots of minor mechanical fails, a couple of bumps and bruises, and then of course the first feeling of rush…. wow! now how do I slow this thing down!! Ice sailing is always such a thrill. It does not matter what class you sail, whether you build your own boat, or have just purchased the oldest or newest boat in the fleet. It does not matter your skill level, beginner or sledgehammer racer…. it’s all about the smiles, the fun, being out and about in the fresh air, and of course the great company!

As the 2019-2020 season winds down its a great time to think about the new sailors of next year. Who can I share this game with? What kids can I invite into to the fold and how can we get them up and running for first ice of next season. I hope to see some new young faces out there and I pledge to finally get this loaner DN out on the plate for anybody to try when we cross paths…. I hope you will connect with me and bring some young folks out too!

I’d like to recognize Rosemary Pope (seen here with her father David) for being among the youngest pilots in New England this season! I know she had other family members on the ice too but she went whizzing by so fast I couldn’t get many details!

Also spotted out on the ice were the Atkins family with some notably young skippers – hopefully next year we can grab a photo or two?

On the deck of the pink boat is a well familiar face to many at this point – that’s Bella Langley! Her program has been supported by her father Brian who many know as an extraordinary builder of many fine ice boats. We hope you’ll see them both on the ice again next season and if you have questions about getting started they are wonderful connections to make!

For the sailor kids I missed in this post get ready for next season… and if you see my camera out for goodness sake slow down so I can take a snap or two and collect some details!

Here’s to the new sailors of 2020-2021

Jay Whitehair
Vice Commodore – New England Ice Yacht Association

2 responses

  1. William Tuthill

    hear, hear! 3 cheers to the new skippers!

    03/18/2020 at 8:41 pm

  2. hosco6

    Jay, it’s really good to see you are back on the ice. We bashed around with you years ago on Winnie and other spots. Me, Dave Burnham, Laurent, Zuke. I’m out of the ice racket, moved to Florida, but I keep track on line. I miss the ice, but do not miss living in Conn. To NE racers: Watch out. If Jay does what I know he can do, you’ve got a new guy in your rear view, and he’s gaining on you.

    Bob (Mongoose) Kilpatrick

    03/18/2020 at 6:03 pm