Boat Lifting Horses

John Pepper writes in with a cool tech tip- if you have a boat that is on the heavy side to lift read the description and check out the photos-

Seems like the sailable ice is out of range for me, it was a good season.

Maybe this can be the first tech tip of the building season??

Here is something I used the last time out. My Skeeter plank is overbuilt, so lifting was a chore. This helps. It worked on the springboard too. Not sure the minimum number of blocks needed, but might be workable with double blocks vs the triples I employed. It needs to have lots of rope, and start essentially flat, this just barely cleared when sitting on the chocks. The cleat held it up and was easy to lock and unlock.

I may integrate the blocks, using the plywood legs as the block housing for a future and flatter version. It would look spiffy with maple sheaves set into a series of slots in the plywood. I can send sketches.



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