Nick Of Time

Congrats to Ed Demerest on his new hot-rod style DN! He just picked it up late last week and was able to take a spin on Great Pond last Sunday.

He reports that it has a whole different ride and feel compared to his original DN and he can’t wait to get it on the race course next season- we will be helping him get it tuned up in the off season.

You may recognize the hull- it was sailed for a season by Peter Mcgowan before we lost him to a rare illness just about a year ago. Seeing the boat back on the course will be a great tribute!

It’ll be good to see Ed making his way up the results too!

Stay tuned…

One response

  1. apis15

    So what gives it a different feel? Just looking at it I notice that the blades are rather short and the plank looks to be quite thin and maybe airfoil shaped at the front. What else makes it different?

    03/17/2020 at 11:17 pm