Sail-able ice on Great Pond in Maine

This is just in from Bill B. in Maine. One of his scouts reported in and this is the summary "Great Pond looking good. Better surface than Pushaw last weekend. He is calling it a six. Four inches of ice over an inch of slush over still more ice. Overall thickness unknown. No pressures ridges observed through binoculars from shore. Launch is tight. We will sail it tomorrow."

I asked about any pictures and none were taken.

Great Pond is a town in Hancock County, Maine, United States.

I know the forecast tonight is for very cold temps and the same for tomorrow night too. Wind looks good for both days.

Check Chickawaukie website for additional updates.

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The race was postponed because of wind: too much of a good thing. Four Whizz with DN storm sails managed to keep boat and body in one piece enough to get a couple of test laps, reset the marks that were blown down and find a quiet lunch lee.

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