Maybe The Last Gasps of the Season


Lake Wentwork 3/8/20

We heard from the folks in Maine, the gang that crossed our Northern border to take the Canadian DN nationals. Way to go, T add one more notch. Bill Buchholz drew a good crowd for the Mille 100. If you haven’t read the write up on the CIBS’s site click here. What’s next? Time will tell and it may just be a very long time till we return to the ice.

Keep the faith maybe we will sail Moosehead Lake in Maine again and after that a postseason off ice gathering. More on that in the next few days.

Below is an account of Sundays sail on Lake Wentworth in NH by John Pepper. This is John’s first season and he sails Roger Livingston’s old boat.

Think Ice,



John Pepper and Charlie Silfvenius AKA Charlie S. Lake Wentworth 4/8/20

It was a great day until ice got soft. 6 or 8 boats altogether. Gusts up to 20 at times made for some fast runs.

We had newcomer Marc Stipo and his 13-year-old boys, all summer sailors, show up. Marc took a DN out numerous times and declared ‘I am hooked’. It was too gusty to send the boys out alone on their first rides, but they each got a ride in the sidecar, and want to go again. Hitting 30 mph may have been the clincher.

We had an epic cell phone recovery at the end of the day. Finding a lost phone on a 3100 acre lake was a matter of waiting until wind slowed, starting downwind, and walking upwind, making calls on occasion. Cupped hands over the ears provided direction info. We first heard it from a half-mile away and closed in 100-yard increments. We got lucky. Charlie was the last boat off Wentworth yesterday, maybe for 2020?

John P.


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