Iceboating Podcast!

There is a boat shop in Bristol RI called East Passage Boatwrights that restores classic yachts and builds new ones out of wood.

The owner/proprietor is an interesting guy named Carter Richardson- When not making old boats seaworthy and beautiful again he does a podcast that covers all things sailing and yachting….

I was flattered that he asked me to sit down and be interviewed about ice boating and as I hate to miss a chance to pimp the sport (or talk with a captive audience) I gladly agreed. It was a lot of fun and hopefully entertaining for the listener!

For those of you who haven’t heard me go on and on enough about iceboating yet have a listen here: The iceboat talk begins at about four minutes in. And trust me, it’s riveting!

Be sure to check out the other episodes as well- all interesting and informative!

Happy listening! Think ICE

One response

  1. Mercedes Auger

    Nice interview: knowledgeable audio with fun, humor and humility – Well done T!

    03/12/2020 at 12:18 pm