Mike Bloom In Moscow

Minnesota DN sailor Mike Bloom is on his way to Baikal for the big spring event there-

He promised to send photos and reports as the trip goes on and here is the first one, looks like he is spending the night in Moscow- not a bad idea after a long flight from Minnesota.

He sent this photo from his hotel room:

His comment with this photo is ”I can’t remember the last time I traveled to an iceboat regatta and the first night on the road the hotel overlooked the Kremlin and Red Square!”

Has to be a thought provoking sight but I can’t help but wonder if the hotel has a good waffle iron in the breakfast area.

Looking forward to more- stay out of the gulag Mike!

One response

  1. Mercedes Auger

    Looking forward to Mike’s reports! Quite an experience for sure.

    03/09/2020 at 5:34 pm