DN Europe Trip- The Thrilling Conclusion Part 2

Still more….

While driving in a MAJOR crosswind we had a roof rack malfunction. This masthead took the brunt of it and was dragged down the autobahn for a minute or so… have you drag it along on the other side and even it up!

One of our hosts, Torsten, has inspiring posters all over his office. Just like in the States only in the local slang….

This is on the wall at the Bad Zwischenahn Yacht Club. Basically says “The best captains are always sitting on land!” A nod to the Monday morning quarterbacks that seem to inhabit some clubs… love it!

One night we found out that the German basketball league final was starting in an hour. Oldenburg (our adopted hometown!) vs Berlin! Even though I know nothing about basketball and Sean the photographer knows even less we decided we’d better support the local squad. So we did what anyone would do in Oldenburg, Germany and trotted off to a Cuban-themed sports bar, drank Che Guevara Beer and Coca Cola, and watched the game on the big TV. I think Berlin won but it was close. No riots in the street- I think that is more of a Boston / Philly / LA thing…

More to come….

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