OK Gang, it’s on….

The Doc Fellows Regatta is ON for Saturday, Feb 29 2020, maybe another regatta (Maine States?) Sunday. Sounds like Damariscotta Lake in Jefferson, ME is in decent shape.
Wind forecast is good for Saturday and a little more promising for Sunday. The ice looks decent, reports from the site give it a 6.5 out of ten. Not exactly miles of perfect black ice but let’s not let perfect be the enemy of good!

Temps will be in low 30’s during the day, with clouds on Saturday we should be able to sail pretty well. Sunday will bring sun so slush runners might be handy- Will be interesting to see what we can get away with!
Launch will be out of
Damariscotta Lake Farm
15 Bunker Hill Rd, Jefferson, ME 04348
Take Lake Farm Circle down to the beach to rig and launch, DO NOT drive on the grass! The folks at The Farm have been very iceboater-friendly and we don’t want to do anything to sour that relationship.
We can’t stay at The Farm but lodging available at the Senator Inn And Spa in Augusta about 30 minutes from the launch. Web site is here:

Skippers Meeting Saturday AM at launch, 9:30 AM
First Race at 10:30 AM

Be sure to have your insurance with you!!! NO EXCEPTIONS

Regular iceboating rules apply- familiarize yourselves with them at

NOTE- some iceboating Right Of Way rules differ from soft-water rules so read them closely-

IF three of any class show up and want to race they will get a start and races of their own- all welcome!

In the DN Class a Vintage / Classic trophy will be awarded to the boat and skipper that has a certain combo of age / wear and tear / battle scars / character / and results!

We are looking for volunteers to run and score races- earn some karma and volunteer!

If not no big deal, we can use the Maine system (Regatta Chair runs first race, from there on whoever wins a race gets to run and score the next one. Average points awarded for the races missed. I think. Will figure it out when the smart people get there)

Feel free to contact me with any questions or to let me know what I’ve forgotten- t_thieler

Stay tuned to NEIYA site for details and updates!

Think ICE and LINE ‘EM UP!!

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