This weekend 2/22 Sailing Opportunities

Photo Credit Jackie Mushinsky Spencer Cable Access – Quaboag Pond 2/16/20

As most of you know and previously reported on the CIBC site the northern parts of New England got more snow so they are out of play. Our search for that Goldilocks plate of ice has not materialized but there are options to feed the need.

Some people are going back to Quaboag today and tomorrow as well. There are a number of known and likely unknown hazzards. If you do not know exactly were they are do your own investigations to get familiar with the safe sailing arounds. Mind the open water it is out there. Note Sunday it will be warmer so tomorrow is the day.

Paul Delnero aka PAD has been sailing, and will be there Saturday, Lake Attitash in Merrimack Massachusetts was scouted and sailed yesterday. Grade 8 white ice of 4-5 in. All Drain holes completely healed. Launch at public boat ramp. Route 110 to Attitash Ave to parking area. This is a small lake but with not many other choices…

Could there be something out of Canada or Western NY? Maybe but reporting what I know for sure at this point.

In the mean time here are some images taken Jackie Mushinsky of Spencer Cable Access.


Sail Fast. Sail Safe during this time of seasonal transition and please be careful,


P.S. if there is anything else to report after today we will post.




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