Looking Towards The Weekend

Bucket List Help

At the current moment, there is not much to report. Bill in Maine has a report about Damariscotta on iceboat.me but doesn’t sound immediately promising. I do expect to see something over the next two days and will pass on when we get it.

The above letter was sent to me by Mike Acebo on Long Island, NY. I am reaching out to Joseph to see if we can help him out and encourage others to do the same. While we do not have much to offer at the moment, it would help to set up the communication channels and maybe help someone fulfill his dreams.

On a more serious note, some of you may have received a spam email solicitation that used my name but did not originate from me. Not exactly sure how they pieced the information together but likely scrapped our site for emails. It does not appear as though my email account was ever compromised but the password has been changed as a precaution. Sorry for the inconvenience but unfortunately there are those out there that seek to take advantage. Perhaps we can encourage this individual to go out and check ice, alone, for us.

Think Ice,


One response

  1. Ben Fuller

    We have doubles and stern steerers here in Maine if we ever get ice. Make sure he has the dope on CIBC. We even turn people loose on Cheapskates.

    02/11/2020 at 6:46 pm

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