DN Gold Cup Road Trip Pt 5

Still on the road in Sweden- getting there is easily half the fun when you are rolling with Jorg Bohn and his amazing entourage…

We left Germany the other day- Some of us driving his Sprinter while he and Sean flew his plane to Denmark for service. We survived one traffic jam (a neat, orderly, efficient German traffic jam) and several shockingly fast left lane drivers. Jorg and Sean survived fog, a near-icing situation, a snack shortage, and a possibly dodgy aircraft to meet us at an airfield in Denmark.

With the plane handed off we all piled in the Sprinter and headed north….

…at the north end of Denmark you drive into the ferry to Sweden. Takes about 30 minutes or so. This is leaving Denmark behind.

This is approaching Sweden….

Camper trailers are popular here. I guess when you have one holiday after another you need to be able to do them right!

We stayed at Dideric Van Ramsdic’s place w he and his wife Alexandra. This is their living room- The house is beautiful, big and spacious. It was once a restaurant so the kitchen is massive. Alexandra converted another building into a yoga and Pilates studio. They operate another house on the property as a B&B. They are out in the country. It is quiet. I am selling my home in RI and moving in with them whether they like it or not.
Here is the B&B Website
https://www.appelgarden.eu/ Make a reservation if you want to see them and relax for a spell!
And if yoga is your thing you can do classes with Alexandra- see her site here:

Of course their hospitality was off the chart- they had a big meal waiting for us (see Ron and Deb digging in above) and another highlight was watching 16mm films that were shot by Wim Van Acker dating back to 1930! If you like vintage Iceboat footage make a pilgrimage to see these!

More to follow….

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  1. Kimberly Tuthill

    The Tuthill’s flew in to Tallinn yesterday dog tired and laden with 6 duffle bags, met by our Local friend, Tõnis Kask who had dinner & wine waiting! Now we’re on the ferry to Helsinki where we have a 7 hour drive north to find our good ice and snow to race at Wissa! Cheers, Kim

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    02/09/2020 at 4:13 am