DN Gold Cup part 6

More from Sweden- Dideric was nice enough to let me use his shop, alignment jigs and shim tape to get my runners all true-ed up; see below

This is the stylish and well-groomed Dideric, in a nice restaurant with some disgusting American tourist.

The stairwell in the B&B. Scary but great to look at!

Sunrise on the Swedish highway

A typical Swedish rest stop. To American pot-heads and reggae fans (is that redundant?) this is a bit misleading… I’m sure some people were disappointed to learn that “Rasta” merely means “rest” in Swedish. Just as well, we have sailing to do!

We are headed to the site now, will set up later today and hopefully start races tomorrow. One way or another it will be an interesting week- will send reports as things develop- stay tuned!

Finally and most importantly many thanks to Dideric and Alex for hosting us and treating us better than family!

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