Sailing In NH Ahead of the Storm

Lake Sunapee 2/5/20 by Brian Langley

Two groups sailed today on Lake Sunapee and Newfound Lake in New Hampshire and passed on pictures and their first-hand accounts.

Brian Langley Reports from Sunapee

About 10 boats enjoyed sunny clear weather on Sunapee Lake today. Winds were around 8-10 with higher winds later in the day.

Ice was bumpy and rough on the lake. Combo of snow ice, windblown ice, and some refrozen windblown funky ice, that almost looked like open water? The lake is locked up solid. We found areas where the ice was glass. and other areas of smooth gray ice. There is one pressure ridge right from the river at the beach, all the way to the far shoreline. We managed to find a crossing and marked it with a cone I had brought out with me. Ice was a better grade of smooth gray running down the narrows to the island. We sailed up to the northern part of the lake where we found one pretty nasty pressure ridge with open water on the other side. We decided it could not be crossed. We sailed along the ridge down towards the mouth of Sunapee harbor to see if we could find a spot to cross and head up to George’s mills. But the ridge ran 90 degrees to the other and we could not safely go any further.

We did find a beautiful glass section up by the mouth to the bay and we all enjoyed sailing that glass-smooth plate for awhile. We headed back by late afternoon to make it through the narrows and the island. We all safely crossed at our return cone marking.
The wind had picked up nicely off the beach, and we all enjoyed some fast runs late in the day before breaking down at the beach.

Brian Langley

Next up, the report from Newfound Lake near Bridgewater, NH

Jay Whitehair and I sailed Newfound Lake today.

The ice was AWESOME with smooth expanses of gray ice and even some black ice in places. The wind was perfect (10mph or so). Beware the huge open lead at the north end of the lake. Also some wet pressure ridges and assorted other hazards, but all in all great ice from Wellington State Park north. The south end of the lake is only suitable for ice fishing.

Mark Friedman

Guys thanks for sharing your day with everyone. hopefully, we will get on either of these venues when the front passes. There was also activity on Winnipesaukee.

Stay tuned and keep your runners sharp and your powder dry,


P.S. Please remember to share your experience and pictures with those who could not make it on to the ice.

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