Doc Fellows this weekend – if ice holds up!

Hi Sailors,

Our NEIYA race chairman, T, landed in Germany and is heading to Sweden for the DN Gold Cup within the next day or two. But, that does not mean we in New England can’t race and have a fun regatta. Maybe our friends from Canada will come down, too! The "Baby Rule" will still be in effect.

Unfortunately, the only ice is in NH and Maine at this time. Thanks to John Stanton for mapping it out above. So, I hope all will be okay to hold to Doc Fellows Regatta somewhere north of Massachusetts. I am very sure the regattas namesake Don "Doc" Fellow would approve. That said, get ready to saddle up. Some of our Winni regulars are on Sunapee today and another group is sailing Newfound Lake, which had some very promising reports. Could this be the third week for NH sailing, maybe? Maine is also up there and Sebago was sailed yesterday.

So pencil this weekend in and I will report back Friday when we know more about the ice…


Karen Binder
DN 5630

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  1. John Fisher

    Another day of great sailing today on Duane Lake in NY

    02/05/2020 at 7:55 pm