This Weekends Gatherings Feb 1st & 2nd

Remember, there are hazards among what looks like good ice. Winnipesaukee scouting image (1/30/20) by veteran, sailor, skater, and scouter Randy Rice.

Ice scouts have been busy all week and come back with some good and some not so good news.

Here is what I know and where you can expect to meet up with fellow iceboaters.

Winds are going to be on the lighter side and increasing through the weekend across our sailing areas but fine for the smoother areas and well one never knows so just show up.

  • The CIBC ( has been sailing Damarascota this week and likely through the weekend. Wind may be an issue so check their site for updates
  • Winnipesaukee has been checked, sailed and skated every day this week. There are good conditions and will play host to the DN New Englands – Launch is Ellacoya State Park, note it may be crowded so use the ramp area for unloading and loading ONLY. Other launch sites are being investigated but not confirmed at this point.
  • Quaboag Pond First-hand reports came in yesterday and it is trashed. Lots of pressure ridges, open leads and generally sub-par ice thickness STAY OFF unless something changes
  • Bantam Lake Has been looked at all week and generally has a good surface but is too not thick enough.
  • Sunapee, waiting on first-hand reports

There is a possibility for the Hardway to run over the weekend more likely Sunday than Saturday. As previously reported this is not a sure thing so please do not be disappointed if those who have been monitoring the ice elect not to lead the event.

See you on the ice,


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  1. Art Burritt

    Sunapee has setup with good thickness but a rough surface from the last rain. Good in spots tough in others. Note the center of the lake near loon island light was the last to freeze, caution would be recommended for that area.

    01/31/2020 at 12:52 pm