Wednesday 1/29 Ice Recap

2019 Hardway Trail – Can we do it again this year? Maybe…

With the rain followed by cold, it is a whole new ball game out there. Reported and unreported scouting efforts have been going on since yesterday and will continue.

Here is where we are this is not an exhaustive list:

  • The CIBC ( reports they are sailing Damarascota today and likely through the weekend. Check their site for updates
  • Winnipesaukee was checked yesterday and a bigger scouting party went out this morning – There is a possibility of the Hardway being run, stay tuned. We do not really know at this stage but keep it in mind.
  • Quaboag Pond needs to be checked and there is a committed scout bringing back info for sailing this weekend
  • Bantam Lake smoothed out with the rain and is being checked and has potential for sailing this weekend
  • Sunapee, as reported Monday more cold, is needed and body needs to be checked again – there are eyes on the lake

There may be a few other options out there that have been unreported but what I have to report at the moment.

Remember, the Hardway is only an alert at this stage. More info to come. Our own 2020 DN North American Champion and Race Chair may hold a race as well. Stay tuned for word from T on that.

Looking forward to more ice,


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