Historic Day For The NEIYA


2020 DN NA Podium: Thieler, Sherry, and Atkins

I do not want to steal T’s thunder and he will fill in the details on the drive home but thBrie results are official. James “T” Thieler is this year’s DN North American Champion! Multiple World and NA Champion Ron Sherry. Chad Atkins who had been leading the regatta till the final day ended up third. Way to go New England! Congratulations to Karen Binder for earning her way into the Gold Fleet on her first attempt. She is a strong competitor and will have continued success at every attempt. Closet racer took Fifth in the Silver Fleet. Looks like Bill really caught the racing bug and as many know it is terminal. Look for other New England competitors here. http://dniceboat.org/2020/na.html  Looking forward to the details from those that were there.

Meanwhile, 2200 miles away 25+ sailors enjoyed a fourth day of sailing on Lake Winnipesaukee. Overnight temperatures hovered around freezing so the plate was softening up but the wind was up making it the fastest of the four days.

Brian’s daughter Bella was out sailing and I’m told she is outgrowing her boat. Good thing her father is a master builder… A couple boats returned to New England Ice with new owners. Returning to the ice were Hal Chamberlain’s Hicdic and Roger LIvingston’s Whiz. Way to keep their memory alive guys.

Heavy rain will put us in shape for next weekend. Stay tuned.

Till we sail,


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