On our way to where?!

Hi Friends,

Eben, T, Eric and I departed yesterday from Connecticut at 11: 30 am in T’s big old Ford Transit with two DNs on the roof and two in a trailer. We made it through Pennsylvania with no issue, but the snow started falling heavily just outside Toledo, Ohio. By that time we’d heard that registration was delayed highways in Iowa and west of Minneapolis were already closed. We decided to be prudent and holed up in a motel/no tell off Rt. 80. By the time we woke up, things had turned to rain and as I type we are now heading into Chicago traffic.

We have heard from Jeff Kent, Charlie Blair and Berndt Zeiger (G-107). They took the far southern route…driving through Maryland across southern Ohio and Indiana. They missed the snow and drove through the night. They are currently in Iowa…will they drive into Nebraska next?

Apparently, the roads are still closed in North and South Dakota. This is quite the adventure and we are all kinda thinking it makes sense to keep driving towards the big state of Montana. The video of Fort Peck from yesterday looked pretty good. We all wait for the official site location.

I’ll keep you posted!

Think Ice,

Karen Binder, DN 5630
NEIYA Secretary

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  1. Mercedes Auger

    Good luck! Hal & I are in Fergus Falls, MN with tons of 10 year old hockey players. Local streets ok but no travel on highways. High winds so we’re holed up til tomorrow.

    01/18/2020 at 1:50 pm