Winter Fest Andover, MA Sunday January 26th

The NEIYA was asked to participate in the Andover Massachusetts  Winter Fest and they gave us top billing!

NEIYA locals Peter Boynton and Frank Morse have volunteered to bring a couple boats and hopefully a sailing demo on Pomps Pond. It’s kinda small and hopefully, the boats can get on the ice. Peter and Frank will act as ambassadors and look forward to welcoming new iceboaters into the fold.

If your interested in the sport of ice boating, in the area or just want to hang out with other winter enthusiasts do drop in on Sunday, January 26th, 10-2pm Pomps Pond, 147 Abbot St, Andover, MA.

Put it on your calendar rain or shine,

Think Ice,



2 responses

  1. Charlie

    6 of us sailed Lake Wentworth today with a bunch of kite wingers. Introduced a few new people to the sport as Lee gave rides in his gambit.

    01/15/2020 at 9:43 pm

  2. Charlie

    Seems like a popular event. I’ve been booked for the 4th at the Remick museum ice harvest day in Tamworth, NH as well as the Alton ice festivals and fly in at Alton, NH.

    01/15/2020 at 9:38 pm