Boat moving dolly for a Whizz

John Pepper checks in with this idea to save wear and tear on your back and your wallet- take a look….

Hi guys,

I am putting together a system to set up a ‘big’ ice boat and not hurt my back, so here is a method to do so.

I copied a snowmobile dolly to make a lift for the Whizz. They work great and are genius in design simplicity. It is a big wheel lever that goes under near the balance point and has a long arm to create mechanical advantage.

The handle is tied to the rear deck. Varying rope length allows height change, maybe with blocks and a cleat in the future. The goal was solo unloading from trailer and lowering onto the plank. I need to tweak the geometry slightly to go higher, but its nearly there. It rolls easily. The force to lift the bow is about ten pounds. The lift bar is at the bulkhead at the front of the cockpit. Gravity holds it there. It moves, lifts and turns well, albeit on a smooth driveway.

After set up, it goes out over the bow.

Handle is bent from a 1 inch EMT ($10), the donor wheel chair was $30. The 1.5 inch square tube i had in the shop. The EMT slip fits, for storage.Total $40, Wheel chairs may be had cheaper, but i was in a hurry. Detailed pics to follow. I hsve some tube left over if anyone is going to build one.

I have an improved connection locking means in process, but as with the trailer lid, am excited, and wanted to share the progress.

Think ice.



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