Quaboag 12-22 2019

Good day on Quaboag Pond- 15 craft made it to the lake, the ice was still good, wasn’t too cold, but barely any breeze until about 3:30 PM.

Those who resisted the urge to pack it in early were rewarded with some good runs as a nice afternoon puff filled in-

A good time had by all, especially Jack Pepper who had his first taste of hard water speed- we hope to see him on the ice again soon-

The rest of us had a good day sailing the sucker puffs, shooting the breeze, and practicing starts and getting our cardio in!

Even with no breeze it beats the hell out of a good day at the office….

Warm temps and holiday stuff will make sailing over the next few days tough but stay tuned, good things are on the way-

If you have ice, send an email to ice@neiya.org and we can get the mojo working-

Think Ice and Happy Holidaze…..

T US 5224

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