Quaboag Pond Ready to Sail

Photo credit Soderholm Quaboag 2/3/18

Quabaug Pond in Brookfield MA has been checked this morning and is ready to go. The usable plate is smaller than we see later in the season as well as the usual trouble spots exist. Before sailing off, seek out advice from those that have ventured out. It is early and there are know regular issues as well as some current observations.

Looking like light wind tomorrow Saturday and maybe more on Sunday. This is a good opportunity to clear out the summer cob webs. Cruise around have fun and im am sure if there are like minded folks a few orange cones will go out for scratch racing. Everyone is welcome and everyone at any levels will learn something.

There is bound to be a good crowd out there so sail heads up!


Please let us know you plan on coming in the poll below and leave your fellow iceboaters a comment below.


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  1. dnkellygreen

    Yes, I will be there and so will T.

    Karen/DN 5360

    12/20/2019 at 1:58 pm