Racing This Weekend?

Hello All- We have some preliminary reports of sailable ice up north- as 2019 is winding down the temptation is to squeeze in a regatta or two to fill the slate for 2019.

More details to come but in the meantime get your gear prepped and loaded and be ready to race!

As ever if three or more boats of any class show up we will give them their own start and division. If you own an older DN know that we are toying with the idea of awarding a “Classic/Vintage Division” trophy to the skipper with the best result in an older boat.

This will be loosely defined, completely subjective, and at the whim of the race committee and an esteemed panel of judges assembled on site. So if you have an older boat and want to hit the race course make this the year!

Proof of insurance will be required for each competitor-

Watch this site for news and details.

Think ICE!!

T Thieler
NEIYA Regatta Chair

One response

  1. Note, acceptable proof of insurance is one’s home owners insurance or rental insurance. Nothing beyond that is needed. Remember iceboating has inherent risks and everyone should already know this.

    Even if you have no intention of racing come on out to play!


    12/18/2019 at 10:57 am