Sharing Knowledge With The Friendship

The day started out with warm rain and pretty much stayed that way the entire day.

The NEIYA fellowship began gathering, to set up, well before the official start time of official start time. From the start young, experienced, novice, and nubies began talking iceboating. A call to order to review the agenda was made at about 11:15am. First up Jay on ice safety review, followed by plank building with Paul Zucco and runner stoning with Eben. Along the way a break out team found time to help Bruce from NH rig his new, to him, DN for the first time inside the shop. Believe it or not only the battens were missing.

NEIYA veteran and founding member Leo Healey made an appearance. Leo was the voice of the hotline so long it’s hard not to think about that when one talks to him.

Jay Whitehead opened up talking about the effects of cold on the human body. Jay laid out simple steps in identifying, treating and preparing a hypothermic victim for the arrival of EMT personnel. People remained attentive for the entire presentation and through the question and answer session. Way to go guys for attention.

Paul Zucco was up next and had a number of plank building steps laid out so we could see how and understand. I overheard a comment from an experienced woodworker that he took away a number of tips from paul. Thanks, Jay we all learned a lot.

Eben Whitcomb was closer with a demonstration on stoning one’s runners. Eben stressed the importance of patience, consistency and attention to detail while slowing honing blade edges to perfection.


Have a question for Jay, Paul or Eben to leave a comment below.

None of this would be possible without the continued support of Steve and Linda Lamb and Linda’s sister Sharon.

Up next, conditions dependent, the the unraced races and the return of early season cruising.

Think Ice,




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