Annual Tune-Up Saturday December 14th


He came at me from there…

The First Ice award once again goes to the CIBC gang who sailed Plymouth Pond yesterday.  Is NH and VT close behind? Time will tell. In the mean time get ready get ready get ready.

This year’s Tune-up will be in December and eventhough some will have sailed by than many will not have been lucky with local ice. We have a full agenda planed. Make plans to be there.



10:30 Paul Zucco – How to build a fast and durable DN Plank
Paul will share secrets learned over 30 years of plank building

11:00 Eben Whitcomb – Runner Prep
Eben will take you through the steps necessary to hit the ice with Sharp, and Fast Runners
He will demonstrate sharpening and Honing

11:30 Steve Madden & Greg Cornelious – Safety On the Race Course
Right of Way rules to keep us all safe and discussion of what to look out for at the weather mark
and Leward mark.

12:00 James “T” Thieler & Jeff Kent – Rig tune and trim secrets
Two of the BEST and really, really fast guys available anywhere will take us through
rig tune, shifting gears, and sail trim.


Think Ice,


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