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Ice Report #1

2019 – 2020 Ice Sailing Season

DN DCL Ice Sailors,

Who knew? Who knew that we would be here to experience the second decade of the second millennial! But here we are! And right on the threshold of the best DCL Ice Sailing Season yet!

Mark your calendars for Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend (11/30/19). We will get together starting at 10:00 am at the Ice House, at the Ice Man’s place, to set up, tune up, and sharpen all of those neglected runners! Ice Man performed the first LRT (Little Rock Test) this past weekend and believe it or not it seemed to hesitate for just a micro second before plunging through the surface… Ground Hog says that means six weeks to ICE!

This year please bring any ice sailing gear you want to barter, sell or give away. We have several sailors that could use some upgrades to equipment you may not be currently using.

Please bring beverages, snacks or deserts to share. IceMan will have hot dogs and hamburgers grilling for all. Let me know if you and another plan to attend… no sense fighting over that last burger!!!

The Great Western Challenge is scheduled for 12/6-8… unfortunately I told a few people wrong… it actually is the weekend right after Thanksgiving… lets see if we have any interest for a 22 hour road trip!

Pictures are… last season’s core group of Ice Junkies, Tom Wolfe in Howling Wolfe approaching the leeward mark and lastly the Ice Man our West on the big ice. Wish you were there!

Now.. open up your refrigerators and freezers, get a fan and start blowing all of that freezing cold air out on to our beautiful lake!!! This is the season we will break out John Meredith’s ice fleet… from Ice Opti to Skeeter and everything in between… BE THERE! Grab your DN, your gear and bring your honey to the Ice Sailing Tune Up!

Ice sailing fever knows no bounds…

Think Ice!


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