LRIBYC Awards Dinner

Check it out folks, the gang on LI had a good wrap up and gave out some interesting awards…. Be sure to click the links and check out the videos!
Congrats to all the award winners!

The 2019 Awards Dinner was enjoyed by 28 members, Bill Buckholtz and his wife drove down from Maine to join us. Proclamations were read by the Officers and the cannon was fired to open the evening. Dinner by the Oar Restaurant was served in our private room and was the fine quality we have received every year. Howie Dietz gave us a history of his Iceboat beginning with the Club in the ‘60s. Doug Hardy received the Senior active sailor award. Fred Greis was awarded “The most interesting man” award for his DN adventures on Swan Pond out of view of any Skeeter Sailors.. Chris Miller gathered the award for the highest member result in the DN World’s along with the newest award the “Rich Crucet Travel Award” for covering about 5,000 miles during the season from the Midwest to the Northeast in search of ice. Scott Valentine earned the top result in the DN North American Championships award. Mike Acebo with the “Hard Way” photo award. Sorry if I missed any. Link to photos:

And a video of the “Hard Way Trip”

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