Spring Has Arrived…. See some Scooters!

Hey Folks-

Time to say “Stick a fork in it; It’s done!” about the 2018-2019 hard-water season.

It had it’s ups and downs for everyone, that’s for sure but mainly a lot of laughs, some great racing and cruising (including a HardWay on Winni) for all!

Be sure to attend the NEIYA spring party at Moore Brothers Company on April 20 to toast a great season and plan the next one…. Info here:

And while you are clearing your calendar for that event check out these great vids of South Bay Scooters doing their thing back in the day- Great video, shot by Bill Mills, sent to us by Katie Bradford and edited and YouTube-ed by Deb Whitehorse. It takes a village!

Click and enjoy….


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