April Fool’s Sailing Potential….

….Seriously. The Maine crowd defines perserverance and optimism. Join them if you are up for a road trip!


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  1. phil Hax

    April 4th, Lake Willoughby, Westmore Vt, was full length sailable. About 12″ Plus west end. Center in the narrows, maybe 8″. Nothing physically verified. Some very small drifts, blowing 25 to 35 in gusts. Did not personally sail, too much wind, also no second boat to rescue me. Looked at Magog in Newport, Vt. Little more snow but looks fully frozen. Temps were in 20’s pm, 35 daylight. If anyone sails Willoughby, there may be a pressure ridge about half way from each end. East end in narrows will be areas where warmer spring chimneys are located. Also about 300 ft. deep.

    04/02/2019 at 3:44 pm