Williams Bay Speaker Series, Iceboating Is The Topic For Saturday

Hey Folks- Jane Pegel gives us all this heads-up on a very interesting event out in Wisconsin- If you are in the area be sure to check it out!

Good evening iceboaters.

The Village of Williams Bay was incorporated in 1919. For the next few months
there will be a number of events celebrating the centennial.

The Williams Bay Centennial Speaker Series is part of the celebration . The Skeeter Ice Boat Club was
incorporated in 1933 and holds a significant roll in the history of the Village. Iceboating is the Speaker Series
topic for Saturday, March 30. Spark Lundberg, who has been successfully building and racing iceboats for over 60 years,
and Susie Pegel, a Williams Bay native who began racing a DN in her early teens, will be giving a presentation
about iceboating in Williams Bay and the Geneva Lake area.

The event will be in the council room of Williams Bay Village Hall beginning at 10:00 a.m. CDT.
To get to the Village Hall – take Stark St. west off Wisconsin Hwy 67, on the north side of the Village.
( Burroughs’ Floor Coverings on the corner). Drive past the tennis courts to the stop sign at the west end of Stark St.
Turn right and drive up the hill to the Village Hall.

Enjoy! No charge!

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