Winni Hardway Attempt ON For Today 3-26-19

There is a Hardway in the works- apologies for the short notice but if you are in the area and looking for adventure join Lee Spiller and Charles Silfvenius on Tuesday and see if you can do the legendary Hardway!!

The plan is to leave Brewster Beach early, planning on 9:30 but 10 is probably what will happen. We’d like to get up and down the lake before the sun works the ice too much.

Winni was sailed yesterday and is in good shape for spring. Only one spot to watch out for and that is a pressure ridge with several openings along it off of Welch Island across to Eastern Shire. Plenty of spots to go over . Warming weather later holds no promise of things lasting so enjoy it while we have it!

Good luck and send photos!

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