DN Worlds Update

Hey Folks- been a hectic few days gettin here but greetings from Lima, Ohio where the DN world champs start in a few hours.

There is a good crowd here from several countries although there is some bad news for the Poles as several of their boats were stuck in Paris, France due to a shipping glitch and/or global IceBoating conspiracy, depending on who you ask.

I kid of course but this is a bummer for the Polish group. Good news is extra boats have been cobbled together from extra bits and pieces so at least they can sail “as tourist!” as one guy put it! They seem to be in good spirits in spite of the mishap.

Plenty of NE faces- NEIYA, Deep Creek, Ronkonkoma, Kewasa, and of course the Canadians from KYC and vicinity.

Ice looks ok on Indian Lake and so far there is a bit of breeze. Stay tuned for updates here and at https://www.idniyra.org/

Hope y’all are getting some good conditions out that way.

Think ICE! T US 5224

Rural Ohio

Steve Madden, Co-pilot extraordinaire describing the scrambled eggs at the hotel breakfast.

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